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What we do [ Industries ]

[ Mortgage industry ]

Protection against errors and fraud in mortgage loan underwriting gives financial stability to our clients which they and their investors rely on.

Since RiskFinance was established we have worked with mortgage industry professionals to understand and develop protection needs in a changing landscape of risk and compliance.

Mortgage Industry Clients

  • Mortgage Banks
  • Wholesale and Warehouse lenders
  • AMC's and Appraisers

Payment Industry Clients

  • Card Schemes
  • Card Issuers
  • Merchant Acquirers
  • Prepaid Program Managers
  • Merchant Associations
  • ISO's
  • Merchants

[ Payments ]

First and Third party coverage for payment transaction fraud, internal and external computer crime, data theft, PCI fines and penalties, and merchant chargeback (fraud).

A history of developing successful programs for clients ranging from fledgling electronic money issuers to card schemes.

We ensure developments in payment technology risks are protected with proactive and comprehensive risk transfer solutions.

What we do [ Products ]

Protecting client assets against internal and external, digital and physical threats.

Working with major insurers, we innovate to create the most relevant and expansive coverage available, ensuring our clients get the best protection from modern business risks.

Mortgage industry

  • Mortgage Application Fraud
  • Collateral Fraud
  • Warehouse and Wholesale protection
  • Valuation errors


  • Issuer Fraud
  • Acquirer Fraud
  • Uncollectible Chargeback fraud
  • Unauthorised Transactions
  • PCI/ICO fines and penalties


  • Unauthorised Computer Usage
  • Data theft (internal or external)
  • Transmission of Virus
  • Breach response
  • Crisis management

Corporate Fraud and Liability

  • Internal or External Fraud
  • Direct financial loss and Third party liability
  • Data misuse
  • Breach of Contract

What we do [ Support ]

Professional policy production and program administration.

Specialists in complex insurance program creation and delivery, operational support and reliable compliance infrastructure.

Support services

  • Policy administration
  • Bespoke underwriting systems
  • Claims workflow administration
  • Legal and actuarial reviews
  • Reinsurance and technical support

Our background within compliant heavy regimes ensures technical and accurate product and program delivery.

Adaptive technology focus promoting confidence in operational and procedural efficiency and best practice.

What we do [ Our process ]

Our creative approach to new risks mean new and existing products can be tailored to individual needs, whether for a single client or as a program solution:


Collaborative Research


Solution Development


Deliver and monitor

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